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The Good with the Good?

Published on September 11, 2009 by

After a spring and summer full of great bike rides my body finally told me to stop. So I did then I got sick. But it happens and I’ve already got back on the bike and the body is feeling good again, but I’m still taking it easy until a planned 350 mile tour in Utah in two weeks. I imagine Utah will be a swell ride; a good ride like the one I had last month out to Strawberry Crater.
I wanted to test out my new Fenix LD20 flashlight so a night ride out to Strawberry crater seemed like a good idea. Compared to my Niterider MiNewt, the Fenix is less than 1/2 the weight (with lithiums), costs $120 less, and has all the output. It takes 2 AA batteries so perfect for touring. Yeah flashlights are badass these days; ya just gotta rig a mount for the bars.

The light worked great, but during my ride I ended up in exploratory mode, doing some up and down hike-a-biking… I found some good ski terrain that will have to be checked out after those occasional low elevation winter storms… I made it to the Strawberry Crater Wilderness around 2am and hit the sack. The next morning I went for a hike up the crater to check out some of the old ruins and walls.

Then I bombed straight down the crater. Gravalanching is like skiing in summer…

Yep I had some pumice in my shoes after that.

The ride home was drop dead gorgeous.
riding home

riding home

This was the first overnighter for my 5 year old Coconino. She felt great and I may give her new wheels, fork and paint next winter…
5 year old Coconino

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  1. Risa Jacobson

    The gravalanching looks like what I did in New Zealand but they called it scree running or scree sliding or something. It was really fun, you could take gigantic leaps.

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