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sun burnt and chapped

Published on February 8, 2010 by

After three big, sunny days in the Kachina wilderness, my lips are still sun burnt and chapped. Weekend totals were around 15 miles and 15,000 feet of ski/splitboard touring. That would be about 1000 feet of elevation for every mile – an approximately 20% grade. From a mountain biking perspective, fifteen miles seems less than epic. The space/time of snow-sports is so different than dirt-sports.

Day One
JE, JY, Sazi dog and I went up into the Alpine of the IB. This was JYs first trip to the IB. JE cranked up the hill, laying a good skin-track. Can ya tell that it has snowed most days out of the last ten?
There was plenty of fresh snow and I was surprised at the lack of tracks in the cirque. JE and Sazi drop in and get the adrenaline party started.
By early afternoon, four groups had dropped into the cirque. We agreed that our tracks were the sexiest!


For run number two, I was a little nervous about the safety of the snowpack in the couloir we were eyeing… So I played trip leader, poked around, and guided us through as safely as possible…
JE at the end of our last powder run.

Day Two and Three
Two AlpineTourist.
Two TeleMarkers.
One SplitBoarder.
Humphrey’s twice.


Sunset drop.

Moonlight skin…
Kachina camp…
Morning powder.

Final drop.

Happy chimp.

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