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Summer 2008

Published on July 7, 2008 by

Dara’s 33rd Birthday party sure was a good time. Last to leave the party was Eric Frye. He can fall asleep anywhere and in any position – it’s called the “Frye Slide”.
Frye Slide

The trails on the Kachina Peaks (of Northern AZ) have volcanic origins and they tend to get dry and dusty by June. So when the rains come (and they have!) they give the dusty trail a crusty and tacky surface which provides great traction. We like to get first tracks on these crusty powder days!
powder day

Flowers have been great this year and get better every day. This trail is near the Mt. Elden grave.

Last weekend Dara, Sazi, and I explored some trails in the White Mountain’s near Greer, AZ. We road the trails of three forks of the Little Colorado River – West Fork Trail (#94), East Fork (#95) and South Fork (#97).
West Fork

West Fork

South Fork Hike

South Fork

Dara had just started her third trimester of pregnancy so after riding all three trail-forks of the Little Colorado, we dubbed the weekend the Third Trimester Trifecta!

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  1. Nice looking trails there. I’ve got to explore that area sometime. Damn…wish I could make it down for the Crazy88 too.

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