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Power animals are humans too

Published on May 2, 2011 by

In the summer or 1987, during my freshman orientation at Southwest Texas State, I was asked “what is your power animal?” Uhhhhh….
Hummmmm…. Uhhhh. “A vampire”, I responded, thinking I was so cool and impressive. Forgive me now for how I was then, but do remember that The Lost Boys was in vogue. After more recent thought, perhaps we do not choose our power animals, rather they find us.
Potential case-in-point. Professional trip leader, Brian Siebert‘s power animal choose him via a humorous email attachment.

Thank’s for sharing that Sieberto!

For potential case-in-point number two, please suspend any beliefs that animals and humans are fundamentally different.
My power animal/human, Bill Withers, found me via a free trial on netflex.com.

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  1. Honey Bear is bad ass!

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