"Let us go into the mountains and be happy." – Serge 

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2006 AZ Races and Rides

Drop your linen and start your grinnin’ with these 2006 Epicrider Approved Rides and Races.

  • Feb 18-19, 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo
  • March 18, 3rd Annual Sedona Circumcision – Awsome all day singletrack ride around Sedona. Pics from the 2004 Sedona Circumcision Ride.
  • April 2, 1st Annual Catalina Climb n’ Climb – info:
    1. Everyone on the team (of 1 or more) must ride from downtown Tucson to the top of Mt. Lemmon and rock climb the full 450 feet of Rap Rock.
    2. Teams must be completely self contained except for food and water (which they can buy/find on the way).
    3. Each team must consume 1 40oz bottle of malt liquor when they finish.
  • April 14-19, 1st AZT 300 mile race
  • April 15, The Squealer – best mountainbike time-trial race in the world
  • May 13, 3rd Annual Whiskey 50
  • June 3-4, 5th Annual Shakin’ uer ass – two days of shred happy-singletrack racing in Prescott, AZ. This has been a hit in years past and for 2006 we are going for 2 stages, because one day is just not enough for all that wicked Prescott singletrack.
    Race Bible and Results
  • Sept. 2, 3 and 4 (Laborday weekend), Whirled Championships of AZ – 3 day, 4 stage mtb race with AZ Whirled Championship awards for fastest Boy, Girl and Singlespeed Chimp.
  • Sept 25 to ?, 800+ mile Arizona Trail That was a good ride.
  • Oct 7, Tour of the White Mountains, AZ www.epicrideS.com
  • Nov 24, Flight of The Pigs www.flightofthepigs.com

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  1. […] On another note, Troy redid Epic Rider.com using wordpress, and it’s a slick lookin’ site.  He’s got a calendar up with some cool looking events coming up.  I definitely am going to have to keep the “single-speed whirled championships” on the schedule for labor day weekend.  It’s gonna be a 4 day stage race and it will definitely be a good time for all involved. […]

  2. […] For those of you looking for some more riding, troy has the word about the  2006 Shakin ur ass race. It looks like it’s gonna be a 2-day stage race.  Should be a fun time, and it’s three weeks after the whiskey off-road, so you’ll even have time to recover. […]

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