"Let us go into the mountains and be happy." – Serge 

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AZT Jamboree 2011

Published on December 7, 2010 by

AZT Jamboree

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Donate to Blair’s Ski Adventure

Published on November 14, 2010 by

Blair is headed to Germany for a 1.5 year (mostly) ski adventure.
If you would like to support this endeavor then use the bellow button.
All donations will be entered into a chance to win Blair’s car – he will not need it in Germany.
Photo by Aqua

1990 Subaru Loyale
AE82T 1.8L Turbo Engine
4" Lift
New 26" Cooper Cobra Tires
Steel Peugeot Wheels
281000 Miles, about 15,000 on the engine
Front wheel drive, 4 hi, 4 low

For a 25 dollar donation we will enter your contact info on a raffle ticket for the Subaru. The drawing will be held on Wednesday, Nov 17th.

Raffle is 8pm tonight at the Flagstaff Pay N Take. Get there early to buy your ticket.

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Off-camber Single-track for Two Weeks

Published on November 9, 2010 by

It was time for a new roof and I had absolutely no experience replacing asphalt shingle roofs. How hard could it be? Pull the old roof, replace rotten wood, lay tar-paper and shingles. Turns out that there was more rotten wood than we expected. The whole ordeal was time consuming and for an unconditioned roofer like me, it was tough on my body ; but I learned a lot about roofs and fortunately I have bike-riding friends who have done this before.
The Hippy Viking and Randini replacing rotten wood.

Our roof crew logged more bike commuting miles than car miles and that includes driving to hardware stores at least 8 times. Barry’s commuter had some sturdy and roomy handlebar buckets.
Look to get yours at handlebarbuckets.com in the near future.

I spent 14 days on our sloped roof. Now my hips, knees feel cranky and my right hand is spent from cutting shingles – this might be what it feels like to ride off-camber mountain-bike single-track trails for two weeks straight.
Fortunately the weather was good for October/November roofing and we finished one day before a cold rain and light graupel snow.
Thursday may find me in the Inner Basin examining the shallow snow-pack of the high northern slopes.

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Happy October from Kachina Ridge

Published on October 16, 2010 by

october chroma

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Apache Enduro

Published on October 2, 2010 by

About 2 years ago tRoy dreamed about a big mountain-bike loop in the White Mountains of Eastern Arizona. A loop that would hook together some of that area’s best single track. Earlier this summer the Apache Enduro was announced – potentially tRoy’s White Mountain dream course.

View larger map
On September 25th at 7:00am, five self-supported, bike-packing cyclist lined up to attempt the ~200 mile loop. Without prearranged support, they carried gear that they would need for night riding and sleeping on the trail.
Pavement start.
tRoy forgot to turn on his GPS’s track log and about 6 miles into the course he took a wrong turn. He corrected his mistake and turned on the track log. The only way to follow a route like this is to have a route file loaded into a GPS unit. Also, having an active track log allows the cyclist to quickly identify and correct wrong turns.
The first 35 miles of the course consisted of fun and moderately technical single track. He stopped at Dipping Vat Springs for water and salami.
The afternoon was warm and tRoy lost a lot of water to sweat. He thought he was slowly becoming dehydrated but pushed on and made it to Greer, AZ at 4pm. There he purchased food at the Tin Star General Store, and filled his water bottles. Above Greer, he rode with Chad Brown.
At the top of the climb Chad decided he would camp near the Sunrise ski area and return home the next day. tRoy turned on his lights and continued riding the course into the night. The cool temperatures and plentiful springs allowed him to rehydrate. Near Crescent Lake, at 1am, he took out his 18 ounce sleeping bag and slept well. He awoke and was on the bike at 7:30am, riding the Overland Trail to Mexican Hay lake.
He thought Overland Trail made a better name for this trail.
He saw an old cabin.
And flowers.
He borrowed some water from an unoccupied camp.
He made it to Mexican Hay Lake then enjoyed the fun single track above the South Fork of the Little Colorado River.
He stopped for water and, in anticipation of the hot climb ahead, took a dip in the shallow water of the South Fork. There he reflected upon the weather that felt more like summer than fall. He noticed a butterfly enjoying the unseasonable weather.

tRoy found aliens on the paved climb.

Eventually the climb let up and the pavement gave way to dirt but tRoy was running low on water. He passed a couple of cattle ponds anticipating better water ahead. Near Cerro Trigo Peak, he noticed a gully of basalt rock.
He scrambled into the gully and found natural tanks of basalt rock that held cool clear water. He treated the water with chlorine tablets and took his second shallow dip of the day. He was cold for a few moments, then stoked to ride up the hot climb ahead. His afternoon consisted of dirt roads, jeep roads and single track. After many hours of dirt roads, the single track allowed tRoy to loosen up and flow. As the sun approached the horizon, he found a spot to park his bike and nap for 20 minutes.
Refreshed, he pedaled into the sunset and eventually made it to the Panorama trail head after dark. For him, the flowing Timber Mesa Trails and rising moon provided an excellent end to his Apache Enduro loop.

Some numbers from tRoy’s GPS:
~197 miles
~17,000 feet of climbing
38 Hours:59 minutes

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