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Bennett grabs 2nd

Published on February 21, 2006 by

Epicrider Brian Bennett took second in the solo class of the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo! Below is an email from him:

2nd behind Tinker and the Karma’s held up great! I can’t believe the bike lasted for 22 hours with no mechanicals. Yes, only 22 hours, 3rd place was 2 laps back so I stopped after 16 laps and coasted in at noon. Best overall 24 I’ve done. Jennifer (his wife) was amazing in her support position. I feel like I should be paying her. Every race has something a little different. This one was the fact that I lost complete vision in my left eye at about 2am.
I couldn’t figure out why I was missing turns and felt out of control.
After realizing I was completely blind in one eye I started worrying about my other eye. So my worst fear is happening. There’s 6 hours left I’m in 2nd place and my sight is fading fast. By 7am I have to follow people in the tight single-track just to keep from killing myself. Ok, it doesn’t sound terrible or maybe it does, but now my right is blurred to the point that I couldn’t make out rocks, tree limbs, or anything for that matter that might be in the trail. I could only see shapes and they looked the same, like shadows. Scared to death I started my 16th lap, after the 7 bitches I was able to ride someone’s (Kevin’s) wheel through most of the lap but knew it had better be my last lap or there could be grave danger in my future. The MTB gods were there for me as I came in to the pit. Jen tells me there’s no need for a 17th or 18th lap and that 2nd place was wrapped up.

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ice-age heat wave

Published on February 8, 2006 by

I heard today that if we don’t get any moisture then the forest is gonna “close” on March 15th here in RastaFlagstaffian land. Yep last winter I was snowboarding in 3 feet of snow on Elden Mountain and this winter I am mountainbiking in 3 inches of dust. We must be having one of those ice-age heat waves that modest mouse talks about.

Been getting back into that oh-so-excellent Sedona riding, including two Shredona rides with Smithers before his move to California.
Also met up with Bobby for some riding in Crucifixion wash.
Crucifixion wash Crucifixion wash
Check out those riding slacks!

2006 races and rides calendar

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Push Industries

Published on February 2, 2006 by

It has been a few years since I purchased a new suspension fork. Well I went big with a custom tuned 2006 Fox Talas RLC. This sucka gets 90-130mm of adjustable travel. Right out of the box this fork performed like no other, making my 2001 suspension fork feel rigid! Hats off to Push Industires for the custom tune job.

A Push for my Coconino bike www.pushindustries.com

2006 races and rides calendar

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Steve is back

Published on January 30, 2006 by

Garro back at it Garro back at it
Garro Update

NOTE: I got the 2006 races and rides calendar up.

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Wasatch Plateau

Published on January 25, 2006 by

Last week I took a snowbound trip with Siebert to the Wasatch Plateau in Central UT. It was a good time and the lack of snow and snowfun here in Flagstaff, AZ has me reliving that trip. We drove most of the day on Saturday and got to Huntington Reservoir about 2 hours before night. This area is just West of Fairview, UT. Brian geared up with his new alpine touring (AT) skis with skins and I got on to my new burton splitboard with skins and we climbed up a small hill. On the sheltered backside of the hill we built a bitchin snowcave then skied back to the truck, had some dinner then drank a liter of Seagrams 7 while listening to the 2004 release of The Moon and Antarctica by Modest Mouse. We listened to it 3 times. At 19 tracks it is not short. So I was very drunk (muy borracho)! We skin back up to the snow cave and I promptly step right on top of it collapsing the whole thing… Siebert said “oh shit you are fucking kidding me” then whacks me with a snow shovel. Not hard though. Siebert redug a smaller cave while I ski-tumbled back to the truck. After a good night sleep we woke up to some fresh powder. While the local Mormons had fun ice fishing at the reservoir, we did some runs on that creamy UT powder and got all dialed in on our new gear.
I think it snowed 2 feet the first 24 hours. The second and third night I sported us a room down in Fairview. It really is nice to be able to dry out your powder soaked gear in preparation for another rad day. All in all it was 3 full days of deep (and sometimes steep!) powder all to ourselves… Playing in the forest “outside” of ski resorts is what does it for this chimp.
Before we could shred the last day we had to find a piece to my bindings that I was sure I had dropped in the parking lot the day before. We got to the lot about 1 minute before a plow driver was to scrape that lot clean. Sure enough there was my binding part just waiting on top of the snow to be lost forever in the next minute by the plow. Stoked, we drove up to the top of the skyline drive and skinned out over a steep ass cornice. Siebert ski cut a few hundred pounds of snow off the top but no avalanche was triggered – good sign. Along the traverse we spotted a crack in the cornice (see pic below) that was going to take a few tons of snow when it went. We found a ‘safe’ place to launch off the cornice. Siebert went first and on the first turn face planted in snow that was not as soft as it appeared. Ha Ha! I dropped in and after two turns the snow became superb and I let-her-go full surf speed ahead. Awesome. We skinned up to the west and found some just dreamy 35+ degree glades and tree runs. At the end of the day we surfed out on to the Huntington Reservoir and walked across. I was scared shitless trying not to think about the ice breaking. It did not and we made it to hwy 31 and flagged down a couple in a big truck. They stopped and I walked up, thanked them for stopping and then realized I had snot running all down my face. I think I scared that lady but not to bad before I realized my problem and wiped my face. Anyway they agreed to give us a ride up to my truck. but she made sure that we where to get into the truck bed, not into the nice 6 person big-truck cab. Can’t remember exactly how she said it but it was meant like this. “you snotty nosed ski/snowboard punks will get into the back truck-bed ’cause we don’t want your scum in our cab where we will be transporting our soon to be 6 child family”. What can I say! Exertion and cold temperatures equals a runny nose!
Here are some pics from the trip up north with Sieberto (click the pic).

Nice Views skyline drive

Skin tracks up from AT and splitboard gear.
scorpion tracks

Check out the crack just below Siebert’s feet. This was about 2 tons+ of snow ready to drop off the cornice. Just above Siebert’s left hand is where we dropped-off the cornice!
cornice crack

I like simultaneous sunshine and snow.
sunshine and snow

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