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No Rain In Sedona

Published on March 19, 2006 by

The 3rd Annual Sedona Circumcision went off great. 7 hours total trail-time. The only folks that got rained out yesterday where those who listened to the weather woMan. Yesterday morning it was snowing at home in Flagstaff, and I too had listened to the woMAN and was very hesitant to drive down yesterday morning, but the young punks (BElair, Frostbite Joe, OldSchoolZack and Clark) got me stoked and we got Circumcised. Jeff broke his frame and could not finish but it was his first time on Sedona Singletrack and I am sure he will be back. Yep never snowed or rained on us. Don’t listen to the man…

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Another Storm

Published on March 16, 2006 by

March 18th update: The percent chance for rain was lowered so might as well drive down and maybe see what happens. May make the whole loop afterall. We shall see.

Another Storm may affect the Sedona Circumcision and Humphreys Cirque.
Well another storm is on the way and this could cause problems for the Sedona ride on Saturday. I will likely make a decision later Friday night if the ride is to be canceled and hopefully we can reschedule if that happens. Check the site Friday night to find out if we are on or not…
Speaking of storms – I went up to Humphreys Cirque at 11,500 feet searching for the steep and deep with Art Keith, the Gnome and Paul the canyon ranger who we met during the tour. We dug a test pit and the 6 to 8 feet 0f snow from last weekends storm was very stable. On our second run we ripped out this beautiful north facing couloir shaped like a steep-powder luge. Mr. Gnome went first and he made some big-beautiful snowboard powder-spraying turns up both sides of the bermed couloir. Big powder grins all around.

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Cinder Cone Love

Published on March 13, 2006 by

update december 2013.
I am know a volunteer up and Arizona Snowbowl! I love Arizona Snowbowl!
Funny how life changes!
Never say Never!

Snowboarding in the cinder cones is loving the cinder cones. The past three days I did some terrific snowboarding on the extinct volcanoes northeast of town. Early this morning I found out that snowboarding is illegal in Sunset National Park. The ranger was very nice and did not give me a ticket. If I knew it was illegal I certainly would not have gotten caught!
I got some great sunrise pics this morning and will post later. Below are some pics from Saturday and Sunday. Dara even busted out her new teleskis. How cool is it that her first day on her teles and she skis the backcountry on fresh untracked snow between 7500 and 7000 feet with the family! That would be Sazi and self. Oh and did I say she made some good turns and smiled the whole time! This is why I married her and this is why I live in Flagstaff.

getting ready
Finally got to use all the new toys – 4wd, teles and a splitboard!

Dara's first backcounty day on teles
Dara’s first teleturns in the backcountry!

my second run on sunday
I love this pic. Click for the bigger size and you can see my “artwork” carving down the hill. On some hard turns I busted through to the pumice gravel but pumice gravel is fairly soft and lite so my board suffered no long-term damage. The feel reminded me of the one day I carved on some cool springtime ice-ball gravel snow in New Zealand.
What a storm! Looks like there is about 7 feet of new snow up above 11,000! Will hit that in a day or two after steep deep slopes stabilize… and I have time to skin that high on the split-board.
I hope the snowbowl road gets plowed but the resort does not open. Maybe they will get sick of dry years, close down, and the forest service will plow the road and charge people to drive up. I would gladly pay $5 a pop (free for bicycles) to drive up and play in the untracked snow. We could even create art on the rusting lift-chair towers. Ok from now on I will refer to snowbowl road as FS road 516. The forest SERVICE own’s it not, snowhole. I love the people that work for snowbowl but they would all have more fun hiking/skining up with epicriders and playing in the untracked snow.

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Getting Circumcised and The Catalina Climb n’ Climb

Published on March 7, 2006 by

The Sedona Circumcision is just about here. Expect to have an all day hoot-of-a-time riding fun and challenging Sedona Single-Track. Looks like we may even be getting some spring storms to tack-up those dry trails.
Let’s meet at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 18, 2006 in the backside parking lot of the Oak Creek Factory Outlet Mall. The backside parking lot is accessible from Jacks Canyon Road just east of Hwy 179. If the weather looks good I will be riding down on Friday and camping on the trail. Drop me a line (troy at epicrider dot com) if ya want to join me fer that!
Erik at Budda Beach - 2004 Circumcision
Also note the April 2nd Catalina Climb & Climb race-event – part mt lemmon road ride, part rock climb – in the 2006 races and rides calendar.
Catalina Climb and Climb (click for full size flyer)

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North Buttress

Published on February 24, 2006 by

A few weeks ago epicrider Blair Foust and I climbed the North Buttress of Siphon Draw in the Superstition Mountains.
I do like “desert mountaineering”.
Blair on the North Buttress

North Buttress of Siphon Draw in the Superstition Mountains

March 18th and the Sedona Circumcision ride will soon be here. Plan on all day fun on that oh so awsome Shredona Single-Track! Pics from the 2004 Sedona Circumcision Ride.

Off to Wolf Creek for some fun next week. They just got hit with a storm last week so their base is up to 54″. Not tall but hey it is giant compared to the 0″ base here in Flagstaff. I am going from the 2nd to the 6th of March. Drop me a line if you are interested in joining. I am up for riding lifts and also playing in the front country or backcountry. I do know some avalanche safety and have all needed avalanche safety gear.

2006 races and rides calendar

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