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Off-camber Single-track for Two Weeks

Published on November 9, 2010 by

It was time for a new roof and I had absolutely no experience replacing asphalt shingle roofs. How hard could it be? Pull the old roof, replace rotten wood, lay tar-paper and shingles. Turns out that there was more rotten wood than we expected. The whole ordeal was time consuming and for an unconditioned roofer like me, it was tough on my body ; but I learned a lot about roofs and fortunately I have bike-riding friends who have done this before.
The Hippy Viking and Randini replacing rotten wood.

Our roof crew logged more bike commuting miles than car miles and that includes driving to hardware stores at least 8 times. Barry’s commuter had some sturdy and roomy handlebar buckets.
Look to get yours at handlebarbuckets.com in the near future.

I spent 14 days on our sloped roof. Now my hips, knees feel cranky and my right hand is spent from cutting shingles – this might be what it feels like to ride off-camber mountain-bike single-track trails for two weeks straight.
Fortunately the weather was good for October/November roofing and we finished one day before a cold rain and light graupel snow.
Thursday may find me in the Inner Basin examining the shallow snow-pack of the high northern slopes.

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4 Responses

  1. Lame. I clicked on the handlebarbuckets to order one, but alas there was no info. I need one!

  2. PS I need to add a 🙂 to get the feeling tone across…..Let me know how I can get one, really, I would love to buy one.

  3. Chad,
    The Handlebar Buckets should be available in the next 2-3 weeks… I may be testing a first run pair in the next few days and may be able to sell them to ya… they hold about 100 cu. inches and should sell for about $35 each. T

  4. give me a shout when you start exploring on snow…having only one vehicle will now take me some planning to get up there this season….good job on the roof!

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