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More Summer 2008

Published on August 13, 2008 by

How about another summer 2008 post? OK then.
My Father, Greg Williams died on July 14th due to complications from lung cancer.
He sure knew how to have a fun time. Every thing I love to do I learned from him. He was there when I learned to bike ride, drum, camp, ski, float rivers and lakes… He will be missed.

Dara is about a month away from giving birth to our first child. Here she is looking good and having fun at the end of July.
Dara Hola Tire Hoop

I went to a second bachlor party on boats at the East Clear Creek Reservoir. And again we took all our clothes off!
naked bachlor party

I finished Nate’s Crazy 88 race. I don’t feel very fit right now but I knew It might be the last race I would do for a year so I kept pedaling. The mud got bad but Jeremy pedaled with me and we kept each other motivated to finish. Thanks J-Money! For next year I have set my sites on the Colorado Trail Race (CTR) – 500+ miles with 300+ miles of single track! Check it out here.

Hope your summer is grand. If it is not then get on over to Flagstaff and smell the flowers.

flagstaff penstemon

I imagine it can be nice where ever you are. It is a state of mind right!
T and D

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2 Responses

  1. Lisa Horvath

    Clearly your father will be missed, much love to your family.

  2. denise

    Sorry to hear about your dad. I miss mine often. We are lucky to be touched by amazing people and fortunate to have great parents. My father too was an amazing man, that was always there for me. I am soooooo lucky he was mine. Great pics…..It would be great to hang out before your life gets a little crazy….we will be gone this week wed-sunday….D

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