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Incredible Winter

Published on March 1, 2010 by

This AZ winter will be another to remember, and with so much snow on the ground, we will likely be boarding the North side of the Kachinas’ into June.

McKenna’s third snowboard ride.

McKenna may be a little young to fully appreciate a good huck or slasher turn . The same can NOT be said for these splitboarders.




JY following my ninja turns.

JE slays it, right before some steep tight chutes that gave us a little more excitement than we bargained for…
… the excitement came in the form of steep powder chutes that were too tight for turns. We both did a cartwheel to slow down – and rode it out!
JE has a fully stocked snow cave up in the Kahinas’. It’s now loaded with sleeping gear, food, and stove. I left my alarm clock up there where it makes since to wake up early for a full day of pow.

Sometimes, however, it is best to sleep in and let the sun warm up the firm snow – maybe build a kicker while it softens up.

Our Family (Mom, Dad, Nahno and Sazi) took a little tour at our neighborhood stash.
Sazi dog hot on Dara’s telemark heels.

McKenna will not sit idle while mom and dad have all the fun.


Hard to believe that this powder tour was only a 10 minute drive from home – an incredible winter indeed.

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2 Responses

  1. Great post! The video of you and Mc is pretty sweet

  2. chad

    Dig it. We were up in Inner Basin the day before, snowshoeing like true AZ natives.

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