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Bell Rock

Published on August 15, 2010 by

The first time I saw Bell Rock of Sedona, AZ, I wanted to stand on its summit.
Bell Rock
Image lifted from moonjazz’s photostream.

In December of 2009, many years later, the chance to summit happened. I pieced together the route beta and looked for partners. Brian and Blair were willing as long as we first warmed up with a bike ride.
bike ride
Perfect. Single-track warm-up and a chance to scout the climb. It was overcast and a little cold, as winter’s first storm approached, but the riding was great. Sedona single-track is a classic destination, and watching Brian shred on his old school bike is always a hoot.
He was feeling the love and attempted many moves that Blair and I would not. Eventually the trail put some moves on him.
single-track moves

After a couple hours of bike riding, we went back to the trail head and traded bikes for foil hats and packs full of climbing gear.
Towards the end of our ride, Blair had reminded us that Bell Rock is a vortex and foil hats just might protect us from any unsolicited metaphysical energy. So Blair ran into a store and stuffed a roll of Aluminum foil into his jersey pocket. We wore our foil hats while hiking the main Bell Rock path. There we encountered numerous hikers and to these folks Brian would bow his foil caped head while saying “peace be with you”. Only Brian could at once be so sincere and so funny. Eventually we left the Bell Rock Path and headed up the West facing gully of Bell Rock.
bell rock
This is the standard way up the Original Bob Kamps Route – our objective. After 30 minutes of scrambling and wondering, we found the start of the technical summit route. We split the route into two pitches.
While I fussed with the ropes, Blair and Brian played games like “how many climbers does it take to slip on a banana”.

The climbing was a little loose and chunky but there were a few classic and fun moves to make.

Blair about to summit, confident that his hat will provide protection from any harmful crystal energy.

Summit shot.

Thanks for a great day guys.

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  1. Classic. From the adventure, to the camaraderie, to the foil hats, to posting this 8 months after the fact… Love it.

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